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We make event marketing an experience like no other.

From creating powerful visuals to crafting the perfect message, our team has the knowledge and expertise needed to bring your brand's story to life via your next event. We don't just create events; we create moments that your audience will remember for years to come.

Event Planning

Rely on us for a full-service solution to your conference, event or gala dinner needs. Our team of experienced professionals will provide creative and practical input from the initial concept planning stage all the way through to on-site management and post-event debriefing sessions.

Recording & Media

Capture every speech, talk, presentation and keynote address in its entirety, digitally recorded and saved as audio and video files for convenient streaming or media duplication. These recordings are of high quality and can be suitable for the retail market, media and online channels.


Our online registration systems feature integrated payment options, real-time analytics and data gathering post-event to help you collect valuable insights. Take the hassle out of event organisation and let us provide you with the tools to ensure a successful experience for your attendees.

Guest Management

From effective communications to easy check-in, from live polling to Q&A, from gamification to networking opportunities, you have all the resources necessary to make sure that everyone at your conference has a memorable time. With these tools, you can make sure that your conference stands out from the rest!


At Rebel Online, we provide creative and professional exhibition planning, layout design, and online registration services. Our skilled team has the expertise to ensure your exhibition's success. We offer virtual exhibition options as well, so don't hesitate to ask us for more information.

Technical Services

Rensuring the technical components are smooth and efficient requires experienced professionals who specialize in audio, visual, and lighting equipment. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to guarantee complete satisfaction for all delegates with minimal disruption or inconvenience.
Event Management & Marketing

Experiences that make an impact.

Events have become an essential part of integrated marketing strategies, allowing brands to develop relationships with their customers beyond what they can achieve through online and digital platforms alone.

By taking advantage of the many opportunities available today, face-to-face events provide an incredibly valuable opportunity for enhancing customer engagement and building lasting connections.

Capturing this powerful connection is the key to ensuring that your events don’t just generate interest in the moment, but become an enduring part of your brand’s story.

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Event Management & Marketing

Unique and unforgettable experiences.

With creative approaches to event marketing, you can create experiences that truly stand out from the crowd and have a lasting impact on audiences.

From integrating digital technology into physical events, to creating unique activities or experiences tailored to your brand’s values, there are many ways to make sure that your events stay memorable and engaging.

By investing in event marketing, you can create deeper connections with your audience, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately create a powerful extension of your brand.

Develop personal experiences that make an impact.
Engage your audiences, producing tangible results and driving ROI.
make sure that each and every experience we create is an unforgettable one.
The Rebel Advantage

You are in safe hands.

At Rebel Online we've been providing our services to all types of companies and organisations, from political parties to international strategic think tanks. That is why your project's unique details stay safe, while our cooperation is a guarantee of the services that we will provide.


We keep your information private, we do not share with 3rd parties without your prior permission.


At Rebel, we get the job done, we put our knowledge into action to help our clients succeed.


We are clear about the goals of our clients and understand what we need to accomplish for them.

Find your place among the stars

Ground control to Major Tom.

Space is infinite, finding the right star to land your brand on is not an easy task. Allow our specialists to guide your brand's message though the vastness of space to the right audience!